OPT Detention Bulletin - Issue 30 - June 2012

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June 2012 – Overview

This month saw a 6 percent decrease in the number of children prosecuted in the Israeli military courts and imprisoned. However, there has been a 64 percent increase in the number of children held in military detention since December 2011. This month also saw a 10 percent decrease in the number of young children (12-15 years) being detained.

In June, DCI re-issued an Urgent Appeal against the forcible transfer of Palestinian children to prisons inside Israel in violation of article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. In response to this appeal, UK lawyers and two unions (NUT and UCU) wrote to the UK‟s Foreign Secretary seeking urgent intervention in accordance with the UK‟s obligations under the Convention.

On 26 June, a delegation of leading UK lawyers released a report on Palestinian child detainees – Children in military custody. (See back page)

On 27 June, the UK‟s largest union, UNITE, voted to start campaigning on behalf of Palestinian child detainees. UNITE has 1.5 million members across a wide range of industry groups. Finally, two Dutch political parties, the Socialist Party and the Green Party, passed resolutions to campaign on behalf of Palestinian child detainees in June.