OPT: Deepening humanitarian crisis

Due to restrictions of movements imposed by the Israeli government, people, supplies of food, fuel and medical equipment are not able to go in and out of Gaza. Oxfam is concerned that this could deepen the current humanitarian crisis.

The current situation means that hospitals are not able to treat all of their patients. Medical supplies are decreasing by the hour and with the borders to Gaza closed, none of the vital medical supplies are able to reach the hospitals.

Although Israel has continued providing electricity and water supplies some areas only have partial access which is increasing people's hardships.

Trade has been disrupted as goods cannot enter or leave Gaza.People are starting to share food amongst themselves and are anxious about how long their food supplies will last.

Oxfam's response

Oxfam is working with local partners to assess the deepening humanitarian situation. Oxfam Novib, Oxfam Solidarity, Oxfam Quebec and Oxfam GB support 12 Palestinian partner organisations with branches or headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

Oxfam programmes in Gaza include primary health care, emergency health, mobile clinics, ambulances; water and sewerage services, human rights monitoring and agricultural development in both urban and rural areas.

Oxfam is calling for and immediate end to the Israeli blockade and for European aid to be resumed to the capable institutions in Gaza and the West Bank as soon as practically possible.Oxfam believes that the citizens of Gaza have the right to access basic social services and this right should be upheld.