OPT: British specialists called in to Jenin

News and Press Release
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At the urgent request of United Nations, a RAPID UK team of twelve left Heathrow at 11pm on Saturday 20 April - flight 163 for Tel Aviv. They will assist with the search and rescue of people who it is believed may be trapped in the basements of demolished buildings in Jenin Refugee Camp, Palestine.
Graham Payne, RAPID UKs Director, who is a long serving West country front line ambulanceman and founder of the Charity said, RAPID UK has been ready to respond for some days awaiting UNDRO request. Our teams are ready to leave at a moments request.

Rapid (UK) is a charitable, fully self-contained search and rescue team, who provide response teams free of charge. They have regularly been in the headline dealing with aftermath of earthquakes around the world and train regularly to develop rescue techniques. The trained team members, (who give their time freely to help those in need), have had experience in many parts of the worlds worst disasters and are recognised by the British Government and the UN.