Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 9 August 2014, 0800 hrs)

Situation Report
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  • Hostilities resumed, resulting in five Palestinian fatalities and significant damage to property across the Gaza Strip.

  • The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) climbed again, with at least 60,000 returning to UNRWA and government shelters, renewing concerns about overcrowding and health risks.

  • Nearly 10,800 homes in Gaza have been destroyed or severely damaged during Israeli attacks, 70 per cent more than during the “Caste Lead Operation” in 2008/9; reconstruction and repair costs of residential structures are estimated at US$ 238 million.

  • Despite the repair of most feeder lines from Israel, only 10 per cent of the electricity received is utilized due to the extensive damage sustained by the internal distribution network; there has been only minor increase in electricity supply to households.

  • About half of the population remains without or with very little water supply, while the other half receives water for a few hours every five days.

1,935 Palestinians killed, including at least 1,408 civilians, of whom 452 are children and 235 are women.

67 Israelis killed, including 64 soldiers, three civilians including one foreign national.

255,000 People hosted at UNRWA and government shelters.

3-6 Hours of electricity supply per day

36,700 Homes in Gaza sustained light or significant damage

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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