Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 29 July 2014, 1500 hrs)

Situation Report
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  • Last night witnessed one of the heaviest Israeli bombardments since the start of the emergency, including the targeting of many residential buildings, resulting in dozens of civilian casualties.

  • Gaza’s sole power plant shut down after being hit and damaged: the additional reduction in electricity supply is expected to have a pervasive impact on the availability of food and access of people to basic services.

  • The Israeli army warned all Palestinian civilians living within the Israeli imposed three kilometer wide ‘buffer zone’, to evacuate the area, except for three localities, ahead of further attacks.

  • The number of IDPs exceeds 240,000; UNRWA has exhausted its absorption capacity in Gaza City and northern Gaza, while overcrowding at its shelters raises concerns about the outbreak of epidemics.

1,118 Palestinians killed, including at least 827 civilians, of whom 243 are children and 131 are women.

56 Israelis killed, including two civilians and 53 soldiers, in addition to one foreign national

747 Residential buildings targeted and destroyed or damaged

2 Hours of electricity per day supplied in Gaza city and zero in the Middle Areas.

240,000 Displaced people hosted in UNRWA schools, and registered in government schools, informal shelters, or with host families.

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