Needs assessment of older people - Gaza, October 2021

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The purpose of this needs assessment is to provide a snapshot of the multi-sectoral needs of older people within Gaza, with a special focus on COVID-19 and the impact of both this and the recent conflict on wellbeing. The assessment was conducted in August of 2021 by El-Wedad with technical support from HelpAge International.

Key findings

  • 80% of older people interviewed reported that they currently use or require medicine or medical items.

  • Of those who reported not having received a vaccine, over two thirds (64%) said if a COVID-19 vaccine was offered to them in the coming month, they would be ‘very unlikely’ to take it (i.e., to go for vaccination).

  • 45% are going to bed hungry at least one night per week.

  • 39% face difficulties with accessing and using drinking water, handwashing, or bathing facilities.

  • 78% said they feel anxious all or most the time while 52% reported they feel depressed all or most of the time

  • 44% stated they are completely dependent on family members/others to meet their basic needs.

  • 98% have not been consulted by humanitarian organizations.