Muslim Hands: Remembering the forgotten sufferers

from Muslim Hands International
Published on 05 Sep 2006 View Original

Alhamdulillah, your generous donations to needy projects totaled over £2,500,000 in Ramadhan 2005. Ramadhan time is when many of our vital, long-term projects are funded for the coming year. However this year, due to the terrible Asian earthquake (for which you have donated over £1,700,000 so far), many needy projects have been overlooked. Below we have selected a few of these 'forgotten projects' which now require your generosity if we are to maintain the good work that they do...

Palestine: Water Aid

Agricultural aid (planting olive trees, digging wells etc.) is a very important part of MH's work in Palestine, as agriculture is the main source of income for millions of needy Palestinians. Help MH continue digging large water wells costing £2,500 each that provide a clean and reliable source of water for a community.

We also need to continue providing university fees for 150 orphans and needy students of the Islamic University of Gaza. The annual fees per student are only £350!

Afghanistan: Wheelchairs

Since 1994, alongside educational aid and orphan care, MH has been providing support to the elderly and the disabled. In Afghanistan, hundreds of elderly and disabled people have been waiting many months for a wheelchair.

One wheel chair costs only £49.

Ethiopia: Primary School

The new MH Orphan Learning Centre, JigJiga -- a primary school for boys and girls -- is another much needed project that was awaiting donors in Ramadan. Although the land for the school has been acquired and construction work is in progress, five classrooms, a staff room, toilets and security fences still need to be built. £35,000 is needed for completion.

Malawi: Famine

Malawi has been drought stricken for many years now and is suffering a famine similar to that seen in Niger and Mali. Although there has been very little media coverage the suffering is immense. This is an urgent appeal for food and clean water.

We urgently need to feed 12,000 hungry people.