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Movement in and out of Gaza: update covering June 2022



  • In June 2022, the movement of people from Gaza to the West Bank, Israel and Egypt increased compared with May.
  • More goods entered Gaza compared with previous months, but fewer goods exited.

Movement of people to Israel and the West Bank

  • In June, the Israeli authorities allowed nearly 35,110 exits from Gaza** (in most cases, travellers exited multiple times). This is the highest recorded figure since 2005, and is 40 per cent above the level of exits in May, and almost four times higher than the monthly average in 2021. However, it is only about seven per cent of the monthly average of exits in 2000, before the imposition of the category-based access restrictions.

  • About 85 per cent of the exits were by Palestinians allowed out under the ‘traders’ or ‘economic needs’ permit category, most of whom are employed as day labourers in Israel. The crossing of authorized traders into Israel was halted by the Israeli authorities in March 2020, in the context of COVID-19, and gradually resumed in the last quarter of 2021 .

  • Some 6 per cent of the exits were by patients referred for medical treatment in the West Bank or Israel, and their companions. A total of 1,824 exit-permit applications were submitted for medical appointments scheduled for June, of which 38 per cent were not approved on time.


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