A Motorcycle Ambulance and A Mini Ambulance Join PRCS’ Emergency Medical Services fleet in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem (3-9-2013): Within the framework of cooperation between the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and Qatar Red Crescent and for the first time in Palestine, A fully -equipped motorcycle ambulance and a mini ambulance are now added to the fleet of PRCS ambulances in Jerusalem

The importance of the motorcycle ambulance lies in its ability to reach the patient quickly and easily; to places where regular ambulances cannot reach, especially in the narrow streets and alleys of the old city of Jerusalem On the other hand, the importance of the mini ambulance lies in its ability to reach patients in the old city of Jerusalem, and the camps that surround East Jerusalem; such as Shufaat Refugee Camp, and transfer them to hospitals quickly and easily

It is worth mentioning that the motorcycle ambulance and the mini ambulance are the first of their kind that are now working with the 9 regular ambulances of the PRCS to serve Palestinian citizens in occupied JERUSALEM and surrounding suburbs

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