Monthly Report: Referrals of Patients from the Gaza Strip, January 2012

Situation Report
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Referrals from Gaza: Summary for January 2012

  • A 25-year-old male patient with a valid permit was detained at Erez Crossing.

  • 6 patients (0.6%) who applied for a permit to cross Erez checkpoint were denied a permit during January, and 49 patients, including 9 children (5.4%), did not receive a response to their permit request before the date of their hospital appointment.

  • The main reasons for patient referrals during January were for treatment in the following subspecialties: cardiovascular (14%), oncology (11%), ophthalmology (7%), orthopedics (6.6%) and neurosurgery (6 %). The cases represent 45% of the total referrals and 55.6% of the total estimated cost for referrals for the month of $3.5 million.