Monthly Report: Health Access - Barriers for patients in the occupied Palestinian territory, November 2019

from World Health Organization
Published on 30 Nov 2019 View Original

7,512 referrals issued to access health facilities outside the Palestinian MoH
2,393 Gaza
5,033 West Bank

59% of Gaza patient permit applications approved
45% of Gaza companion permit applications approved

85% of West Bank patient permit applications approved
81% of companion permit applications approved

16 Gaza patients called for security interview
6 denies
10 delayed

Part 1 Referrals

November Referrals by the Ministry of Health

In November, the Palestinian Ministry of Health approved 7,512 referrals. 67% (5,033) of referrals were for West Bank patients, including 1,034 referrals for patients from Jerusalem, while 32% (2,393) of referrals were for Gaza patients. The origins of 83 referrals (1%) were not reported, while 3 patients were referred from Jordan. Female patient referrals comprised 46% of the total. Reduced referrals to Israeli hospitals persisted, with 93 referrals to Israeli hospitals from Gaza (23% of the 2018 monthly average of 389), and 329 referrals for West Bank patients (28% of the 2018 monthly average of 1,185). Referrals from Gaza to Egypt comprised 13% (318) of total Gaza referrals compared to a monthly average of 245 in the first half of the year. Over two-thirds (72%) of Gaza referrals required Israeli-issued permits, while 13% required access through Rafah terminal to reach health facilities in Egypt. In the West Bank, 50% of referrals were to facilities in East Jerusalem or Israel, the majority of which require Israeli-issued permits to access care. Chart 1 shows the number of referral documents issued to patients in Gaza from March 2018 to November 2019.