Medicines and Medical Supplies Will Help Thousands Affected by Gaza Crisis

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Though a cease-fire has been reached, ending 50-days of the deadliest violence Gaza has seen in years, the recovery process has just begun for the thousands affected by the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The conflict destroyed health centers and thousands of homes, and left more than 2,000 dead and over 400,000 Gaza residents displaced. This month AmeriCares has sent $1 million in medicines and medical supplies to aid health centers in the territory.

The emergency medicines and supplies, which include anti-infectives, gauze and bandages for wound care, will be used to restock health facilities treating wounded civilians. The shipment also addresses ongoing shortages of chronic medicines and supplies with antibiotics to treat approximately 830 patients, anti-diabetic medications to treat nearly 1,270 people over 12 months, and crutches for handicapped children and the elderly.

“Many neighborhoods throughout the territory have been devastated by the escalation in violence, compounding the needs of health care facilities that are able to treat patients,” said AmeriCares Vice President of Emergency Response Garrett Ingoglia. “With so many families displaced, we must do all we can to provide health care access to those suffering from severe injuries and those managing chronic diseases.”

AmeriCares is working with local partner ANERA to ensure medicines and supplies are received by under-resourced health facilities. ANERA is one of the few international organizations that has been able to import and deliver medicines and health care supplies in Gaza throughout the latest conflict. AmeriCares has worked with ANERA for more than 20 years in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.