Medicine Supplies for Gaza

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Thursday May 24th we supplied the hospitals in the Gaza Strip with medicines and disposable medical equipment at a cost of $70,000.

The equipment provided is designated mainly for emergency and operating rooms, in order to help them deal with the large number of injured following the confrontation along the border fence over the past few weeks.

During those weeks, we have collected testimonies from doctors working in Gaza. These clearly indicate the acute shortage of essential medical equipment, leading to amputations and other complications that could have been prevented given adequate supplies.

"We keep improvising, using and reusing the same supplies over and over again. Cleaning and then reusing disposable equipment. There is shortage in antiseptics, disinfectants and anesthetics. We’ve been using expired medicines." - Medical Supplies Manager at Nasser Hospital, Khan Younes, May 16, 2018

The current crisis is taking place against the background of a system suffering from a chronic crisis. The combination of the Israeli siege and internal conflicts between the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas government in Gaza makes it difficult to build and sustain an appropriate medical system. This situation is exacerbated given the high number of casualties in repeated violent conflicts with Israel.

Physicians for Human Rights Israel is active in trying to minimize the destructive implications of this situation on the ability of medical teams to help their patients.

We continue receiving donations that will allow us to buy medicines and medical supplies in the future as well, and are organizing a medical delegation that will enter the Gaza Strip in the coming days to perform operations and provide training.

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Ran Goldstein, Executive Director, Physicians for Human Rights Israel