Labour law reform placed on Palestinian discussion table


The Palestinian Ministry of Labour and the ILO discuss law reform and observance of international labour standards with worker and employer representatives.

Ramallah, December 12, 2018 – The Palestinian Ministry of Labour, in partnership with the ILO, launched today a two-day workshop for discussing “Labour Law Reform and International Labour Standards and the draft paper on “Revision of Palestinian Labour Law No. 7 of 2000 from a Gender Perspective”. This initiative falls under the programme “Promoting Women’s Equal Access to Economic Opportunities and Decent Work in Palestine” implemented jointly by UN Women and ILO and funded by the Italian Development Cooperation.

Representatives from the government, worker and employer organizations, national committees, civil society organizations, women’s organizations, academia and research institutions, as well as the national Tripartite Decent Work team participated in the discussion.

During the first day, the discussion focused on International Labour Standards (ILS) pertaining to fundamental principles and rights at work, with particular attention to gender equality. During the second day, the discussion will be centered on the main findings and recommendations of the draft review of the labour law and related policies from a gender perspective.

This workshop aimed at reaching an agreement on the methodology for the reform process and the identification of key relevant issues, as well as raising the awareness of constituents and members of the national team charged with overseeing the labour law reform process, on ILS, including conventions with relevance to gender equality.
The workshop also aimed at gathering feedback on the draft review paper of the labour law from a gender perspective and reaching an agreement amongst stakeholders on key recommendations for amendments to be included in the reform process of the labour law.

The ILO‘s Senior Standards and Gender Equality Specialists participated in facilitating the workshop, focusing on enhancing knowledge on selected ILO Conventions, and on the methodologies and mechanisms to be used in practice in the context of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. As a progressive course of action, the outcomes of the draft paper on the review from a gender perspective were presented.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Abdel Kareem Daraghmeh, Deputy Assistant for Tripartite Partnership and Social Dialogue at the Ministry of Labour, via addaraghmeh@yahoo.com or +972 562001702.

Rasha El Shurafa, Senior Programme Officer at the International Labour Organization Office in Jerusalem, via elshurafa@ilo.org or +972 26260212.