JULY 30 UPDATE: Child death toll in Gaza approaches 200 and rising

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Ramallah, July 30, 2014—A further 19 deaths were confirmed by DCI-Palestine Wednesday, with an estimated 270,000 children in need of immediate psycho-social support. This is the third large scale Israeli assault for the majority of children in Gaza, who likely have lasting trauma.

The total number of confirmed child deaths now stands at 154, with an additional 67 cases under investigation.

After one week in critical condition, Yousef Jameel Subhi Hammouda, 15, succumbed on Saturday to injuries sustained from a drone strike in Beit Lahia in northern Gaza on July 19. As previously reported, the Israeli missile also killed his brother, Omar, 10, cousin, Mohammad, 18, and neighbor, Raed Nayfeh, 40, instantly.

Six children, including three from one family, died in the widely condemned Israeli attack on an UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza on July 24. Immediately preceding the shelling, the Red Cross instructed those taking shelter to prepare to relocate due to the safety concerns. Abed Rabo Jamal Ayyoub al-Shanbari, 17, Mohammad Akram Abdulaziz al-Kafarneh, 15, and Suha Abed Rabo Mohammad Mesleh, 2, were waiting for evacuation buses in the schoolyard when they were killed by Israeli artillery shells. Abed Rabo Sheiboub Ahmad al-Shanbari, 16, died alongside his siblings, Miriam, 12, and Ali, 9, in a classroom.

DCI-Palestine confirmed an additional death on July 24. The impact of an Israeli F16 missile killed Adham Ahmad Ibrahim Abu ‘Eitah, 5, though its intended target was Adham’s neighbor.

Two explosions in Al-Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City Monday afternoon killed 11 people, including 10 children. Ahmad Hazem Mohammad Shbair, 8, Mahmoud Riad Hazem Mohammad Shbair, 11, Bara’ Akram Mohammad Miqdad, 6, Mohammad Nahed Mohammad Miqdad, 14, Yousef Abdulrahman Hassouna, 11, Mohammad Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Shaqfa, a child of unknown age, Mansour Rami Mansour Hajjaj, 9, Jamal Saleh Jamal Alyan, 8, Ahmad Jaber Ibrahim Washah, 12, and Mohammad Imad Mohammad Baroud, 12, died together while playing in Swaidi street and celebrating Eid al-Fitr holiday. DCI-Palestine is still investigating the source of the explosion.

Concern over the disproportionate impact on civilians led five Latin American countries to recall their envoys to Israel in protest of the ongoing Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Despite increased international pressure, reaching a ceasefire agreement has proved difficult. Hamas demands an end to the eight-year-long Israeli imposed siege, which is considered illegal under international law, while Israel considers ending the siege a non-option, citing security concerns.