Israeli military night - raids on Palestinian residences in the West Bank and East Jerusalem


[26 June 2015] – Today, WCLAC lodged a submission with four UN Special Rapporteurs concerning the widespread and systematic use of night raids by the Israeli military on Palestinian family homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The submission details the devastating impact that repeated night raids have on affected communities and is supported by 100 testimonies collected from women in 34 locations who experienced raids in 2014 and 2015.

The submission conservatively estimates that the Israeli military is currently conducting over 1,300 night raids on Palestinian communities each year, which equates to over 65,000 night raids since Israeli martial law was imposed on the West Bank in June 1967. The evidence lodged in support of the submission includes:

  • Evidence of front doors being blown open without prior warning;
  • Evidence of physical and verbal abuse, as well as threats being made to family members;
  • Evidence of households being ransacked and personal items thrown on the floor;
  • Evidence of mobile phones and laptops being taken without receipts or damaged;
  • Evidence of cash being stolen; and
  • Evidence that repeated night raids tend to terrorise affected communities.

The submission also notes that Palestinian communities affected most by night raids are on average located within 2 kilometres of an Israeli settlement built in violation of international law.

WCLAC is requesting that the Special Rapporteurs independently assess these claims and issue a public statement with their conclusions, including findings regarding the link between night-raids and continued settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.