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Israel: IDF holds security coordination meeting for disengagement with Palestinians

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

This evening, the IDF Deputy Chief of Staff, Gen. Moshe Kaplinski and his staff met with the Palestinian Deputy Minister of Interior for National Security Affairs, Gen. Jamal Abu-Zihad and his staff, in Tel Aviv. The meeting was held in a positive atmosphere. During the meeting, both sides stressed the importance of the disengagement plan and the Israeli side clarified that the IDF will not allow terror attacks to interfere with the disengagement. The two sides agreed to hold further meetings, along with the security coordination both on the political level and in the field.

The security coordination meeting that was held is part of the common interests that both sides share, to carry out the disengagement in the best possible way, and to combat terror organizations acting to sabotage the positive process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Israel expects the Palestinian Authority to take responsibility over the security affairs, and to act effectively.

Nevertheless, if and when it is necessary to do so, the IDF will conduct pinpointed activities in areas where the Palestinian Authority does not act against terror, and where Israeli civilian lives are in danger.

IDF senior officers will continue to operate and to conduct future security meetings in order to coordinate the disengagement plan with the Palestinian Authority.