Islamic Relief has eased the physical and mental health struggles of 30,000 children in Gaza

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Al Hamad and Janaa are two children from Gaza who struggle with everyday tasks due to their health. Al Hamad has cerebral palsy which has left him paralysed. Janaa has a curved spine and also struggles to move.

“Janaa’s health increases our household difficulties and also affects our movements and economic situation,” says her mother.

“I can’t ever go out and leave her at home. She wakes up at 3am and we stay awake together as I am afraid that something may fall on her or that she may hurt herself.”

Islamic Relief stepped in and provided Al Hamad and Janaa with the medical equipment they desperately needed.

We provided Al Hamad with a nebuliser and a new wheelchair that has given him more independence.

“Alhamdulillah, the wheelchair is good and comfortable and the services are good. Insha’Allah, they will be better in the future,” says Al Hamad’s mother.

Janaa was given a stand, which is helping with her spine. “The stand helps her to stand up and to fix her back and her body, instead of it staying curved… I feel that she is able to stand steadily after she uses the stand.”

Our early detection programme provides life-changing support

Al Hamad and Janaa are two of the many children in Gaza who suffer with their health due to poor access to medical care.

The ongoing impact of occupation, blockades and periodic escalations in violence has had a devastating effect on the physical and mental wellbeing of Palestinians.

With the health and education system already stretched in Gaza, children with additional needs often struggle to get the support they need.

Since 2017, Islamic Relief has been running an early detection programme to diagnose health issues in children and provide them with life-changing treatment and rehabilitation services.

To date, we have helped over 30,000 children integrate better at school and home, improving their self-esteem and psychological wellbeing.

We need your help to continue this vital work

For more than two decades Islamic Relief has also been working with traumatised children to improve their health, offering a semblance of normality through access to support facilities and sponsorship programmes, while improving education and employment prospects for young people.

“I hope that your support will continue. You know our situation, and the situation of these children who have special needs,” says Al Hamad’s mother.

Help us to continue this essential work in Gaza. Please donate to our Gaza Appeal.