IOF Commit Heinous War Crimes in the Gaza Strip; Attacking another UN IDPs Shelter, an Apartment Building and Dozens of Inhabited Houses Al Mezan: Death Toll Rises 1,349 Palestinians; 80.7% Civilians; 341 Children and 176 Women

As the Israeli military Operation Protective Edge continued for the 24th day, a new attack by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed 17 internally displaced persons; most of who children, inside a UN school turned shelter today early morning. The IOF also stepped up the artillery attacks on various parts of the Gaza Strip; especially in the eastern parts of cities, refugee camps and towns, and the northern parts of the Gaza Strip, alongside the borderline. Artillery shelling, which has a relatively high margin of inaccuracy, has devastated people as it hit numerous houses. Moreover, IOF aerial and artillery attacks on populated houses continued to claim the lives of multiple victims from the same families.

IOF attacks on these communities and the dropping of leaflets and other forms of orders for civilians to evacuate their homes in several new areas across the Gaza Strip has increased the number of IDPs, which is estimated at 250,000 people. The conditions for these people is dire, with the UN and other providers reporting shortages in services; including clean water. The safety of IDPs is a serious concern with IOF attacking shelters for the sixth time today.

The IOF bombardment of the power plant caused a rapid deterioration in the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip, with access to clean water for household use is affected and life essentials scarcer. Hospitals now depend total on power generators, which are not designed to work around the clock and could stop at any time while hospitals operate under severe pressure, having to deal with hundreds of casualties and injuries every day. As the number of wounded people is mounting, and the limited spaces in ICU units are shrinking, hospitals are using every available space to deal with the emergency and are unable to deal with their normal operations and care for other patients. Moreover, vital facilities, such as sewage treatment and pumping and bakeries face the risk of total halt.

As of 2 pm today, Wednesday 30 July 2014, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights was able to verify that at least 1,349 Palestinians have been verified as killed by the IOF; including 341 children and 176 women. According to Al Mezan's initial investigations 1,088 (i.e. 80.7%) of the victims are civilians. Many others were people known to be affiliated by Palestinian factions, but not taking part in any hostilities. At least 713 (52.9%; 232 children and 148 women) were killed inside their houses; and two other disabled women were killed in an attack on a rehabilitation NGO's office. Another 157 people were killed in the vicinity of their houses; including in situations where they were trying to flee from their homes as a result of IOF attacks.

Moreover, at least 5,580 other people were injured during the same period; of whom at least 1,609 were children and 1,133 women. At least, 4,826 houses were destroyed or damaged during this period; of which 624 were destroyed completely as the IOF directly and deliberately attacked 686 of the total number of damaged houses. Dozens of other civilian facilities; including hospitals, NGO offices. Schools, mosques and Gaza's only power plant were also destroyed or damaged.

North Gaza district The North Gaza district, which saw the most lethal attacks on the civilian population during the reporting period. The IOF opened intensive artillery fire at around 4:10 pm on Tuesday 30 July 2014, at the neighborhoods of Al Faluja and Al Aqsaseeb. The shelling continued for one house and killed 10 people; including four children from the same family. The victims were identified as:

  • Naeem Nazmi Balata, 45;
  • Sahar Mtawi' Balata, 30 (his wife);
  • Meryam Naeem Balata, 24; (his daughter)
  • Do'aa Naeem Balata, 22; (his daughter)
  • Hana' Naeem Balata, 19; (his daughter)
  • Israa' Naeem Balata, 13; (his daughter)
  • Wafaa' Naeem Balata, 21; (his daughter)
  • Alaa' Naeem Balata, 14; (his daughter)
  • Yehia Naeem Balata, 4; (his son)
  • Hadeel Adbel Kareem Balata, 17; (his niece)

Another 41 people were injured in the shelling; including 17 children and five women. A mosque and abou 20 houses were damaged.

At approximately 6:20 pm on Tuesday 29 July 2014, the IOF shelled the neighborhood of Bir Al Na'jeh in Jabalia, killing for civilians; including two children. The two adult victims are the brothers of Al Mezan's senior coordinator of research, Dr. Adnan Al Hajjar, who were in a UN car in the area where they live. They were identified as:

  • Dr Basheer Ibrahim Al Hajjar, 48;
  • Muneer Ibrahim Al Hajjar, 39;
  • Mohammed Abdel Nasser Al Ghandour, 15;
  • Jood Yousif Abu Eedeh, 8 months.

Ten other people were injured in these attacks; including five children and three women. The mother of the girl, Jood Abu Eedeh, was among the injured. The child of Muneer Al Hajjar, six-year-old Ibrahim Muneers Al Hajjar, was also injured. Dr Basheer Al Hajjar, who is a professor in nursing, and his brother Muneer, who is an engineer working for the UN, were in a UN marked car and were going to their family house in the area when they were hit by an artillery shell.

At approximately 10:40 pm on Tuesday 29 July 2014, the IOF fired artillery shells at the Gaza Street, Al Nuzha Street and the vicinity of the Al Omari mosque in the town of Jabalia. The shelling lasted until around 4am the next morning. Fifteen people were killed, as a result, including six children and five women. The victims were identified as:

  • Nehad Khalil Hamouda, 38;
  • Halima Mohammed Suleiman, 1.5; (Nehad's daughter)
  • Baraa' Mohammed Suleiman, 6; (Nehad's daughter)
  • Ka'inat Adel Hamouda, 40;
  • Haneen Hosam Hamouda, 13; (Ka'inat's daughter)
  • Majida Jamal Hamouda, 50;
  • Baraka Ibrahim Abed-Rabbo, 51;
  • Alaa' Jamal Abed-Rabbo, 29; (Barak's son)
  • Rahaf Alaa' Abed-Rabbo, 2; (Alaa's daughter)
  • Ibrahim Jamal Abed-Rabbo, 21; (Barak's son)
  • Mohammed Jamal Abed-Rabbo, 25; (Barak's son)
  • Jamal Mohammed Abed-Rabbo, 1.5; (Mohammed 's son)
  • Aya Ismail Al Batsh, 12;
  • Halima Mohammed Al Batsh, 44;
  • Mohammed Khader Musallam, 28, who is an ambulance medic who was on duty.

This IOF attack injured 62 other people; including 23 children and 12 women. The mosque and several houses were also damaged.

At approximately 5:05 am on Wednesday 30 July 2014 2014, the IOF shelled Block (8) in the Jabalia refugee camp with artillery shells. Several shells fell in a UN school turned shelter for IDPs; the UNRWA Jabalia Girls School for Refugees B, which is locally known as the Abu Hussein School too. One of the shells hit the second floor of the school building, which hosts classrooms that are used by the IDPs. A second shell hit a classroom roofed with tin near the school's gate. Two other shells exploded near the school's toilets and in front of the school's gate from the outside. Two other she;;s hit two houses adjacent to the school from the northern and southern sides. As a result of this shelling 17 people were killed; including four children. Fifteen of the victims were killed inside the school; 13 of whom were identified (see the list below) while two were still not identified when this press release was issued at 2 PM today.

  • Talal Khamees Al Feeri, 34;
  • Mohammed Mousa Ghabin, 32;
  • Osama Mohammed Sihweel, 17;
  • Ramadan Khader Salman, 23;
  • Alaa' Ramadan Khader Salman, 17; (Ramadan's sister)
  • Jehad Arafat Abdel Dayim, 48;
  • Abdel Jalil Jehad Abdel Dayim, 21; (Jehad's son)
  • Ali Ahmed Shaheen, 16;
  • Adel Abdallah Qamar, 50;
  • Abdallah Midhat Al 'Amoudi, 19;
  • Bilal Midhat Al 'Amoudi, 26; (Abdallah's brother)
  • Saeed Atallah Abu Jalaleh, 66;
  • Abdel Rahman Rami Barakat, 9;

Two other persons were killed from the shells which hit the two houses. They were:

  • Shahir Ahmed Al Najjar, 54;

Basim Ahmed Al Najjar, 42; (his brother)

Another 153 IDPs were injured in this attack; including 69 children and 38 women. The school building, several houses and five cars were damaged, and eight donkeys were killed.

At approximately 10:40 am today, Wednesday 30 July 2014, the IOF fired artillery shells at the center of Jabalia town, the Al Qirim neighborhood, also in Jabalia town, and the center of Beit Lahiya town. The shelling killed four people and injured 27; among whom 16 were children and 7 women. Al Mezan identified those who were killed as:

  • Jamal Shehdeh Abu Shidiq, 41;
  • Abdel Jalil Mohammed abu Shidiq, 41;
  • Odai Yehia Ijneed, 19;
  • Fareed Shawqi Ijneed, 31.

Gaza City district: The Gaza City district; the most populated district in the Gaza Strip, saw more IOF attacks yesterday and today; including on houses. IOF warplanes and artillery batteries bombarded 11 houses in Gaza City, destroying 8 houses completely and causing severe damages to another 5 houses. About 50 other houses were damaged in these attacks. During the reporting period, 12 palestinians were killed from IOF attacks in Gaza City. Of them, 5 were children; including a disabled child, and three women; one of whom was pregnant. Ten of the victims were killed inside their houses; including 4 of the children and all of the 3 women. The fourth child was killed in the vicinity of his house. Another 30 people were injured, including 8 children and 4 women, in these attacks. Two mosques were destroyed from IOF attacks in Gaza City, too.

At approximately 4 pm on Tuesday 29 July 2014, medical sources at the Shifa hospital announced the death of a 2-year-old girl, Nada Izzo Al Ja'al. Nada succumbed to wounds she had sustained in an IOF attack on her house earlier on the same day; in which an old women from her family was killed, too.

At approximately 5:30 pm on Tuesday 29 July 2014, IOF fired an artillery shell that hit the house of Mohammed Nimir Abu 'Arar in the Zeitoun neighborhood in the southeast of Gaza City. The shelling killed a 24-year-old woman, Fatima Mohammed Abu 'Arar, and injured her sister, 18-year-old Sabrin, whose leg was amputated from the injury.

At approximately 5:30 pm on Tuesday 29 July 2014, IOF fired an artillery shell that exploded at the entrance of the house of the Abu Swaween family; also in the Al Zeitoun neighborhood. The house owner, Mosa Abdel Rahman Abu Swaween, 44, who was sitting in front of his house, was killed in this attack.

At approximately 12:05 am on Wednesday 30 July 2014, IOF fired two artillery shells at the house of Abdel Hakim Mohammed Olwan, which is located on Jafa Street in the Al Daraj neighborhood eastern Gaza City. The attack killed an 11-year-old disabled girl, Sujoid Abdel Hakim Olwan.

At approximately 8 am on Wednesday 30 July 2014, IOF aircraft fired a missile at an apartment on the 9th floor of the Italian Compound, which is located in the Al Nasser neighborhood, west of Gaza City. The bombardment killed the apartment owner, 'Ahid 'Afeef Zaqout, 49.

At approximately 9:30 am on Wednesday 30 July 2014, medical sources at the Shifa hospital in Gaza City announced the death of a 5-year-old child, who had been wounded in the explosion of a missile in a park in the Beach (Shati) refugee camp, west to Gaza City. This explosion had killed 11 persons; 10 of whom were children and one old man.

At approximately 9 am on Wednesday 30 July 2014, IOF fired two artillery shells at the house of Mohammed Atta Al Khalili, which is located in the Al Tuffah neighborhood in the east of Gaza City. One of the shells exploded into the dining room of the garden, where the family were having breakfast, killing seven of them; including three children and two women; one of whom was pregnant. Another child was critically injured. Those who were killed in the attack were identified as:

  • Ashraf Mahmoud Al Khalili, 37;
  • Ahmed Mahmoud Al Khalili, 27 (shraf's brother)
  • Aya Mohammed Al Khalili, 23; (Ahmed's pregnant wife)
  • Lama Ahmed Al Khalili, 5; (Ahmed and Aya's daughter)
  • Nedaa' Ziyad Al Khalili, 28; (Ashraf's wife)
  • Deema Ashraf Al Khalili, 4; (Ashraf and Nedaa's daughter)
  • Ziyad Ashraf Al Khalili, 3; (Ashraf and Nedaa's son).

Middle Gaza district: IOF warplane continued attacking houses and field last night and today morning. IOF artillery bombing also continued, and was concentrated on the Al Zawayda village, north to the town of Dier Al Balah. These attacks killed six people; including three women and a girl. All these victims were killed inside their homes. They were identified as:

  • Aysha Salameh Abu Eid, 27;
  • Iftikhar Mohammed Al Zree'I, 52;
  • Myassar Mohammed Al Ta'ban, 33;
  • Asmaa' Abdel Haleem Abu Al Kas, 15;
  • Marwan Khalil Jibreel, 40;
  • Mohammed Emad Abu Hamdeh, 21.

Rescue crews were able to recover the dead bodies of eight victims of IOF bombardment of two houses in the Al Maghazi refugee camp; both were bombarded by the IOF with their residents inside them. The victims included five women and three children. Another 47 people were injured in various areas in the Middle Gaza District; of whom 19 were children and 9 women.

Also in the Middle Gaza district, IOF warplanes bombarded the house of Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, 53, which is located in the An Nuseirat refugee camp, north to Deir Al Balah town. The house owner and his brother, Fareed Mohammed Ahmed, 51, who is a teacher in UNRWA, were killed in the attack. Another five members of the family were injured. The two victims ate brothers of Al Mezan's accountant, Wael Ahmed.

Khan Younis district:

In a serious attack on an apartment building in Khan Younis city center, IOF aircraft bombarded a building owned by Karam Mohammed Al Dami. The 4-story building, which lies on an area of 400 square meters, is home to five families who rent apartments in it. The bombardment destroyed the building as the residents were inside their homes, killing and injuring almost all of them, and causing severe damages to adjacent houses. By the time this press release was published at 2 pm today, rescue teams were able to recover 35 dead bodies and 27 wounded persons from under the rubble of the building and neighboring houses. Several wounded persons were critically injured. Sixteen of the victims were from the Abu 'Amer family, seven from the Al Najjar family, six from the Breeka family, four from the Mu'ammar family, and two from families who live in adjacent houses. These who were killed were identified as:

Waddah Hassan Abu 'Amer, 39; (a leader in DFLP) Oroba Sulaiman Abu 'Amer, 41; (Waddah's wife) Omar Waddah Abu 'Amer, 12, (their son) Abdel Ghani Waddah Abu 'Amer, 11; (their son) Emad Waddah Abu 'Amer, 10; (their son) Issa Waddah Abu 'Amer, 8; (their son) Ez Eddin Waddah Abu 'Amer, 4; (their son) Ahmed Suleiman Abu 'Amer, 40; Mona Hajjaj Abu 'Amer, 41; (his wife) Mohammed Ahmed Abu 'Amer, 12; (Ahmed's son) Marah Ahmed Abu 'Amer, 10; (Ahmed's daughter) Yasser Ahmed Abu 'Amer, 9; (Ahmed's son) Marwa Ahmed Abu 'Amer, 5; (Ahmed's daughter) Suleiman Ahmed Abu 'Amer, 2; (Ahmed's son) Ahmed Hasan Abu 'Amer, 36; Mohammed Hasan Abu 'Amer, 36; Jamil Ahmad Al Najjar, 48; Lamya Jamil Al Najjar, 23; (Ahmed's daughter) Mohammed Jamil Al Najjar, 12; (Ahmed's son) Do'aa Jamil Al Najjar, 19; (Ahmed's daughter) Wael Jamil Al Najjar, 25; (Ahmed's son) Aya Jamil Al Najjar, 18; (Ahmed's daughter) Layali Wael Al Najjar, 2; (Wael's daughter) Fayiz Ahmed Breeka, 55; Sobhiya Mu'nis Breeka, 59; (Fayiz's wife) Ahmed Fayiz Breeka, 32; (their son) Jana Fayiz Breeka, 3; (Ahmed's daughter) Lama Fayiz Breeka, 1; (Ahmed's daughter) Osama Fayiz Breeka, 16; (Ahmed's son) Ahmed Marzouq Mu'ammar, 33; 'Hala Ahmed Mu'ammar, 1; (Ahmed's daughter) Yazan Ahmed Mu'ammar, 3; (Ahmed's son) Hind Marzouq Mu'ammar, 29; (Ahmed's sister) Aya Sami al Ramlawi, 9; Aya Hasan Abu Sitta, 23.

Rafah district: IOF aerial bombardment by warplanes and drones targeted nine houses in Rafah district in the south of the Gaza Strip. These attacks destroyed seven of the targeted houses and severely damaged two houses. They killed 17 people; all of whom were civilians, including three children and two women, and wounded about 135 others; including five children and nine women. Several houses were damaged.

Moreover, rescue teams were able to recover two dead bodies of two persons from the Dheer family today; whose house was bombarded on the previous day, 29 July 2014, in the Msabih area north of Rafah town. This bombardment killed and injured all those who were inside it from among its residents; 30 people in all.

Al Mezan gravely condemns IOF's serious violations of international law in the Gaza Strip. IOF attacks on IDP shelters flying the UN flag and on houses using air force and artillery shelling extensively and indiscriminately represent serious violations of international humanitarian law that amount to war crimes.

Al Mezan expresses serious concern by the continued failure of international community to provide the due protection for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, and its failure to clearly condemn IOF's flagrant violations of international law. This failure has encouraged serious violations of international law, which is reflected in human lives, to continue.

Al Mezan therefore calls on the international community to:

  • Condemn with the strongest terms Israel's grave breaches of IHL in the context of Operation Protective Edge; including attacks on UN shelters, inhabited houses, and facilities that are indispensible for the survival of the civilian population, such as the power plant and hospitals;
  • Take immediate, effective action to provide the due protection of civilians in the Gaza Strip from military attacks and persecution;
  • Express unequivocal support and play a positive role in ensuring that credible, independent investigations into the suspected violations of human rights and IHL in the context of the operation Protective Edge to ensure accountability for those who committed them, and redress for their victims; and
  • Press for an immediate end of Israel's unlawful closure and blockade of the Gaza Strip.


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