Gaza Water Status Report 2017 (June 2018)


Palestinian water Authority
Water Resources Directorate

Gaza Strip had a population of 1.899 million people living on 365km area The total water supply for domestic use in the Gaza Strip is about 96,308 mcm in 2017as follows:

  • 78.791 mcm from 273 municipal water wells.

  • 2,911 mcm from nine UNRWA wells.

  • 10,566 mcm from Mekorot.

  • 4,039 mcm from desalination plants (Brackish and Seawater).

Figure no. 2 shows the categories percentage of the total water supply.
Total domestic water consumption was 61.508 mcm/y.
Daily average per capita water consumption was 88.7 l/c/d,
Daily average per capita from the total water production is 133.3 l/c/d.
The network distribution efficiency of 62.3% as a mean value.
Distribution system efficiency varies from governorate to another, where the highest was in KhanYounis governorate is 71%.

Based on that, the per capita consumption in the Gaza governorates was ranging between 103 l/c/d in the Northern governorate and 80 l/c/d in Rafah governorate.
The maximum per capita water production was recorded in the Northern governorate of 171 l/c/d and the lowest was 106 l/c/d in Rafah governorate.