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With 24 health facilities damaged, and acute shortages of medicines and medical supplies, the health system in Gaza is on the verge of collapse. Who do the people in Gaza turn to when they need medical assistance?

Meet our modern day medical heroes in Gaza from our member agencies. From facilitating medical evaluations, providing medical first-aid and supplies to simply reassuring parents that their children are going to be okay, they are doing the best they can for the people in Gaza.

The British Red Cross is supporting the Palestinian Red Crescent, which is continuing to provide first aid, ambulance services and psychological support.

This little boy was startled and confused as he was brought into the makeshift clinic and treated by CARE’s Dr. Hassan Zebadin. He’s not the only one. CARE is providing four mobile health teams and supporting medical outreach to approximately 700 people in UNWRA shelters.

Christian Aid is working with medical staff on the ground and trying to get to the worst hit areas where people have no access to healthcare facilities. “We are working on the front line of medical care, trying to get to the worst hit areas where people have no access to healthcare facilities.”

Medical Director, Ahmed Manna, from the Oxfam supported Al Awda Hospital said: "About 40 percent of the casualties we've treated are children and many others are pregnant women. Our medical staff are working 24-hour shifts because of the need and it's dangerous to go home. If fuel is not available within the next few days the hospital will have to shut down many of its services to 360,000 people in Gaza.”