Gaza Infant Dying due to Siege

Pal Telegraph- As the last Galactomin 19 can, a nutritionally complete infant formula, is almost used up, death threatens the life of Yahia Ahmad Abu Shabab, a 4-year-old infant, residing in Ezbet Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza, who has been ill since he was born.

"The baby is allergic to a particular type of milk, and a hospital in Jaffa has given his family four formulas, the last of which is nearly used up", said Ateya Basyouni, coordinator of Prisoners Committee of the National and Islamic Forces in a press statement.

In a written statement, Basyouni called on all spectra of the international human rights institutions to seriously stand responsible for the Palestinian children, suffering under Israel's unfair siege.

Mohammed Abu-Shabab, the infant uncle, appealed to the ministry of health to provide the type of milk Galactomin 19 to his nephew.

Abu Shabab, in a statement distributed to the media Wednesday, said that the child Yahia Ahmed Abu Shabab, aged four months has suffered from chronic diarrhea since birth, and he was hospitalized in Al- Nasser Children's Hospital in Gaza City before was transferred to a hospital in Jaffa.

"After several medical tests which proved the baby is allergic to a particular type of milk, he was returned with four special formulas, and that the last can is about over", Abu Shabab added.

He also pointed out that the family of the ill child sought help from the official and non-governmental institutes in Gaza hoping to find this life-saving type of milk, but in vain.