Gaza Crisis: One Year Later - Children and Families Continue to Struggle to Rebuild their Lives

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One year after Operation Cast Lead began, the children of Gaza continue to face enormous challenges as their families struggle to rebuild their lives.

Half of Gaza's population is under 18 years of age, and the 750,000 children living there comprise the majority of those most affected by last year's hostilities.

- Thousands of children are still displaced from their homes and living in cramped conditions in makeshift structures or the homes of relatives. They have lost all that is familiar to them, including clothes, toys, school books and a secure environment.

- Children are attending overcrowded schools, many running multiple shifts, leading to a decline in education quality.

- Many of Gaza's children have not seen a doctor or nurse during the past year.

- More than half of families do not have regular access to clean water, increasing health threats to children, especially the very young.

Save the Children has worked throughout the year to help children recover from the conflict and its aftermath. The agency has reached more than 358,300 people through a variety of programs, including over 200,600 children.