Gaza: 18 May 2021 – Situation update #7



  • In the last 24hrs, extensive military strikes have caused damage to the central laboratory for Covid-testing in Gaza, key infrastructure in Gaza City, solar panels on UNRWA schools, as well as what appears to be an unexploded deep-buried bomb in one of UNRWA’s schools

  • According to UNDSS, between 06:00 – 22:00 today (18 May), there were in excess of 100 rockets and 65 mortar shells launched from Gaza. IAF responded with 51 raids and the firing of 80 missiles. IDF fired 135 shells and IL Navy launched 64 shells

  • Over the last eight days, Palestinian armed groups have fired in excess of 3,500 rockets/missiles/mortar shells into Israel since the escalated hostilities began

  • 213 people have been killed in Gaza now of whom 62 are children

  • There are now 19 confirmed fatalities of UNRWA schoolchildren. 3 have suffered minor injuries and 2 are severely injured due to shrapnel.

  • Two UNRWA staff members are confirmed as being severely injured

  • Despite strong indications that Erez crossing would open for a humanitarian window today, it remained closed. Kerem Shalom crossing opened briefly before being allegedly targeted by Palestinian armed groups and being forced to close.

UNRWA Specific

  • Confirmation that as of 19:00 today, there are 56 schools occupied by up to 56,220 IDPs in Gaza – a daily increase of 9,345

  • The specific coordinates of the places currently hosting IDPs are being provided on a daily basis to CLA/COGAT by email in addition to all installations.

  • 16 Health Centres out of 22 were operational today. No Covid-19 vaccinations were taken by attending patients

  • There was no food distribution today – 21 food trucks were planned for delivery, 7 were offloaded but remained at Kerem Shalom without being moved to UNRWA stores. We received all fuel trucks (5) through Kerem Shalom

  • Second meeting of Emergency Coordination Centre was chaired by OCHA today

  • The Flash Appeal is finalised pending EO clearance

Planned Activities

  • Distribution of the 40,000 secured water bottles to shelters

  • Mobilisation of MHPSS and Social Workers for planned deployment

  • Establishing Wi-Fi connection points in DES for enhanced connectivity

  • Arrival of DSRM subject to confirmation of Erez opening

  • Launching of Flash Appeal