Food Security Sector Situation Report - Gaza Strip Crisis, Report Number 12 (22 July 2014)


  • Cessation of hostilities is urgently needed. Intense military activity and large displacement continue.

  • The number of people in need of food and other assistance is 135,000+.

  • Urgent funds for food assistance and livestock feeding is urgently needed.

Key figure

Figures are rapidly increasing due to the ongoing military ground operation.

More than 135,000 people are displaced and are in need of food and other assistance. More than 102,000 displaced people are seeking shelter in 69 UNRWA schools, while it is estimated that around 35,000 are sheltered at 5 public schools, private large shelters and at relatives/friends facilities. Many are also staying at open spaces.

 Farmers’, breeders’ and fishermen’s livelihood is heavily compromised but as the ground military operation is taking place, few detailed figures are actually available. 3,000 herders are having problems in feeding their animals.

 Half of Gaza bakeries do not operate due to the difficulties in accessing their premises, while operating bakeries have wheat stocks for at least one week.

 Four out of six mills in Gaza are closed due to security reasons because there is no access to their premises. The mills are located in the in the eastern, northern and middle areas.

Humanitarian needs

 More than 135,000 people hosted at UNRWA, public schools/shelters and other facilities are in need of emergency food and other assistance. As the conflict continues, increased displacement is expected.

 Animal feed for 3,000 herders should be provided in order to avoid further loss of livestock and additional erosion of livelihood.

 Standard food assistance to 1,150,000 people provided by UNRWA and WFP in collaboration with their partners should continue.

 Humanitarian space to allow provision of food and other emergency assistance to civilian population is urgently needed and it should be guaranteed throughout the conflict.
The total stock of wheat for these mills is 3,150 mt.