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Food is needed in Palestinian refugee camp in North Lebanon

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Japanese Committee for the Children of Palestine (JCCP) is a Japanese NGO that aims to support Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. JCCP is working on a partnership with The National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT), an organization in Lebanon that is also known as BAS, Beit Atfal Al Smoud.

Since May 21, NISCVT have sent information to its partner organizations in Europe and Asia about the present situation in Naher El-Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon. These are the extracts from the e-mails sent by NISCVT.

E mail on May 25, 2007

The number of displaced families in the small camp of Beddawi is more than half the number of its original population. Bakeries inside the camp are working in full capacity to meet the rising needs. Some NGOs distributed food parcels, diapers for babies and some kitchen utensils. UNRWA is the main supplier of food, but what they have delivered so far was too little to cover the needed amount. One mattress for every five kids, milk is not enough so are diapers for babies.

Nearly 70% of the civilians evacuated Nahr El-Bared, but unfortunately among those still inside the camp there is a big number of disabled and elderly people who cannot walk and in

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