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Experts appointed by the Secretary-General to the Board of the UN Register of Damage caused by the construction of the wall in the OPT

The Secretary-General, in compliance with a recent resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, has appointed in their personal capacity three international experts to begin the work of establishing a register of damage caused by Israel's construction of a wall in occupied Palestinian territory.

Appointed to the Board of the United Nations Register of Damage caused by the Construction of the Wall in the occupied Palestinian territory, are: Harumi Hori of Japan, Matti Paavo Pellonpää from Finland and Michael F. Raboin of the United States.

They will commence their mandated work on 14 May at the office of the United Nations Register of Damage which is being established at the United Nations Office at Vienna , the Secretary-General's spokesperson, Michele Montas, told reporters in New York on Thursday.

The Board has the overall responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of the Register of Damage. As a policymaking organ, the Board would establish the rules and regulations governing the work of the office of the Register of Damage, determine eligibility criteria, categories of damage and the procedure of registration of claims, and have the ultimate authority in determining the inclusion of damage claims in the Register of Damage.