During Dr. Al Khatib’s visit to Gaza The PRCS affirms its determination to continue providing humanitarian assistance

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(Gaza – 20/11/2012): Dr. Younis Al Khatib, PRCS President, affirms that PRCS will continue to provide its humanitarian and medical assistance to the victims of the Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Al Khatib added that despite the constant Israeli shelling that spares no one, the PRCS teams are doing their best to reach the victims fast.

Dr. Al Khatib, and the PRCS Director General, Dr. Khaled Joudeh, were briefed by the heads of Disaster Management (DM) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) about the emergency operation carried out by PRCS and the cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to ensure PRCS’ access to targeted areas.

When Dr. Al Khatib visited the PRCS central operation room in the Gaza branch, he said ” We all value the efforts of every staff and volunteer particularly those in EMS and DM who are risking their lives to save lives under the Israeli shelling."

Dr. Al Khatib also denounced the targeting of the PRCS facilities in different locations in the Gaza Strip, and the last targeting of 4 PRCS medics in Beit Hanoun, and 2 ambulances in Beit Hanoun and Al Zaytoun neighborhood

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