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Disability in perspective

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Disability policy

UNRWA’s Disability Policy incorporates and builds upon the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and associated international standards. As requested by the General Assembly, the Agency aims to address the needs of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the Convention, in and through its programmes and activities.

The Disability Policy is a statement of intent and commitment, with specific objectives in relation to promoting and protecting the human rights of Palestine refugees with disabilities and their families.

The policy goal is to ensure that UNRWA is positioned to promote the rights of refugees with disabilities and their inclusion in Agency business and activities, and to take into account their experiences and priorities in the Agency’s programming and other operations.

Disability strategy

Promotion of rights and inclusion of disability in the work of the agency is being addressed on three fronts by:

• Incorporating consideration of the needs of persons with disability into the delivery of services

• Giving attention to disability in our work environment

• Promoting for the rights of Palestine refugees in line with the Agency’s protection approach

This approach is consistent with UNRWA’s commitment to mainstream protection in its programming and service delivery as described in the UNRWA Medium Term Strategy 2010-2015.