Delivering Drinking Water to Gaza

from American Near East Refugee Aid
Published on 18 Aug 2014 View Original

When a short-term ceasefire was announced, children, women and men went into the streets with their empty bottles, jugs and jerry cans looking for places to fill them with water to drink. Bombing damage to infrastructure has created water shortages everywhere.

“As a resident of Khan Younis and a member of ANERA emergency response team, I can tell you that the area has been suffering huge water shortages since the start of the bombings. The eastern and western parts of Khan Younis were immensely affected as the major water and electricity feeder lines were totally destroyed,” said Ahmed El-Najaar, ANERA’s in-kind program coordinator.

ANERA has responded to the crisis by setting up 2,400-liter (634-gallon) tanks in convenient locations across Khan Younis as well as in the middle and northern areas of Gaza. On a daily basis ANERA refills the tanks so families can rely on getting access to clean, drinkable water.

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