DCI-Palestine concerned by the effects on the lives of children of house demolitions in Area C

Since the beginning of 2010, there has been a sharp increase in house demolitions in Area C. OCHA reports that during the same period in 2009, there were 182 demolitions, compared to 242 since the beginning of 2010. This has resulted in the displacement of over 1,100 Palestinians, including 400 children, according to Badil. More than 50% of these demolitions occurred in July alone.

DCI-Palestine is concerned about the effects such actions have on the children involved. Following a study on the issue, Save the Children UK reports that house demolitions are followed by a protracted period of displacement, up to two years in some cases. Displacement has an acute negative psychological impact on children, as explained in the abovementioned study.

Israel is obliged to respect and apply the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to the Palestinian children in a non discriminate manner. In 2002 the Committee on the Rights of the Child indicated that Israel should refrain from the demolition of civilian infrastructure, including homes, water supplies and other utilities. It further recommends that the State party provide the victims of such demolitions with support for the rebuilding of their houses and with adequate compensation.

DCI-Palestine calls on Israel to cease these demolitions and to respect the rights of Palestinian children to an adequate standard of living.