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COVID-19 weekly update, 13-19 April 2020



• The UNRWA Health Department is leading on the Agency’s COVID-19 response and issues a one-page daily situational report featuring the latest epidemiological figures.

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• UNRWA programmes in support of 5.6 million Palestine refugees are being adapted to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Health, relief, distribution and sanitation teams are on the front line responding to the immediate needs of the most vulnerable refugees.

• Under the emergency appeals and social safety net programme food and cash assistance is being provided for 1.8 million refugees, as planned.

• All 709 UNRWA schools and eight vocational/educational training centres remain closed (in line with host government decisions) affecting 533,342 school students and 8,270 youth. To ensure students’ access to quality, inclusive and equitable education, the longstanding UNRWA Education in Emergency (EiE) programme has had to be reconceptualised to better respond to the challenging COVID-19 context.

• The Microfinance Department’s 4-month loan repayment deferment, starting April, will be reviewed monthly and no new loans are currently being provided.

• All shelter maintenance/rehabilitation activities and construction works are suspended (except those related to COVID-19 responses).