Challenges Accessing Water in the West Bank

Originally published


The recent celebrations around World Water Day were a good opportunity to remind us that water is a critical element of life and sustainable development. Indeed, access to safe, clean, accessible, and affordable water has been recognized as an essential right to the realization of all human rights. While being a critical element of life, access to water remains a challenge in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). It is estimated that 659,237 inhabitants in the West Bank and 959,652 inhabitants in the Gaza Strip have limited access to water. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been a reminder of water’s critical importance, the pandemic added another burden on those communities that are already struggling to access clean, accessible, and affordable water.

Therefore, the WASH Cluster in collaboration with We World-GVC and Action Against Hunger (AAH) have developed an infographic highlighting the ‘challenges over access to water in the West Bank’, and are pleased to share it with you. The infographic aim at giving a snapshot of the situation while comparing also with the international standards and obligations.