Belgium donates 25 cars to Palestinian Civil Police

from European Commission
Published on 18 May 2010
Today, 18th May, the Belgian Government handed over 25 Volkswagen Jettas to the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP). This donation of vehicles was made possible through the coordination of EUPOL COPPS and the facilitation of UNOPS.

The hand over ceremony took place at the At Tireh compound of the Protection and Guarding Units of the PCP, and was attended by the Palestinian Minister of Justice, Dr. Ali KHASAN, the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Steven VANACKERE, the Deputy Chief of the PCP, Brig. Gen. Jihad AL MUSEIMI, and the Head of Mission of EUPOL COPPS, Commissioner Henrik MALMQUIST.

The Minister of Justice, Dr. KHASAN, thanked the Government of Belgium and EUPOL COPPS in the name of the Palestinian Authority and emphasized the importance of "the rule of law, the well functioning of democracy and the respect for Human Rights" regarding the eventual creation of a Palestinian State.

"This contribution represents the Belgian commitment to the institutional development and establishment of a future Palestinian State", highlighted the Foreign Minister of Belgium, a country that has at the moment two seconded Police officers in EUPOL COPPS and will have a third one arriving in August. Moreover, Mr. VANACKERE spoke about the previous financial and in kind contributions made by Belgium to the PCP. Besides "the need of a transparent and accountable Police force and an independent Judiciary" the Minister of Foreign Affairs also defined "the implementation of law and order as basis for economic development".

Brig. Gen. AL MUSEIMI affirmed that "this ceremony is another example of Belgium's generous support to the Palestinian Civil Police. This is not the first time that Belgium has supported us and we are sure that this will no be the last time in doing so". The PCP's Deputy Chief also underlined the excellent cooperation with the EU affirming that "behind the financial support, EUPOL COPPS is working very closely with us in other important tools such as training, expertise and equipment".

Concerning the donation and the role of EUPOL COPPS, Commissioner MALMQUIST mentioned that "hopefully these 25 vehicles, and their proper use and maintenance, will contribute to the efficiency and success of the Police because, as you know, we are not here for our own success, but for the success of the Palestinian Civil Police".

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