BADIL's Ongoing Nakba Education Center (ONEC) releases new short film!

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BADIL's Ongoing Nakba Education Center (ONEC) is delighted to announce the release of our latest multi-media advocacy tool!

'Dead Olives & Settlements: Three Farmers in Abud' (6.30 minutes, 2013) - is a short film that was produced through January/February 2013 with famers in the Ramallah village of Abud:

'In 1981, Israeli colonisation of the Ramallah village of Abud began as the colony of Beit Arye was established. As the expansion of colonies ('settlements') continued through the following decades, a secondary colonisation took shape in 2005 with the construction of the Apartheid Wall. With the completion of the Wall, nearly 6,000 dunums of Abud's land had been colonised, and thousands of olive trees had been destroyed. These trees had sustained the village, and its community for thousands of years...'

(English version):

(Arabic version):

This is the first release of ONEC's new 2013 multi-media advocacy tools. Several other tools are currently being produced and will be released over the coming months. These include more tools from Ramallah's villages, further studies on displacement in the South Hebron Hills, and new productions looking at the struggles for return and against ongoing displacement within 1948 Palestine.

More than 75 multi-media advocacy tools are now online in both English and Arabic on: www.ongoingnakba.org

BADIL is still seeking submissions to help build this important archive. Suitable submissions include films, photo-stories and audio tools that portray the historic and ongoing struggle against displacement from any area of historic Palestine, and from any period of Palestinian history.

For further information please email: onec@badil.org