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Advanced Medical Center is opened in Gaza

(Gaza- 23.01.2012): PRCS President Dr. Younis Al Khatib placed the cornerstone for the new Advanced Medical Center at Al Quds hospital in Tal al Hawa (Gaza City). The new center shall be built on the site of the building destroyed during the war on Gaza three years ago. The building and equipping of the new center shall take around one year at a total cost of approx. 5 million USD funded by the Kingdom of Morocco.

At the cornerstone placing ceremony, Dr. Al Khatib expressed his appreciation to the Kingdom of Morocco, thanking it for this very generous donation which shall help improve the quality and quantity of services provided by PRCS Al Quds hospital.

At the beginning of his visit, Dr. Al Khatib toured PRCS’ branch in Jabalia before visiting Beit Lahia and its Risk Reduction Program implemented by PRCS in cooperation with Beit Lahia Municipality. The project shall comprise a park and a water network as well as road handrails to protect pedestrians, mainly children, when crossing roads.

Dr. Al Khatib is also to visit the Society’s branch in Khan Younes where he shall inaugurate the station of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). He shall also inaugurate a medical center in Al Sultan neighborhood (Rafah) which shall complement the EMS center in Rafah, a very large Governorate which is densely populated. Dr. Al Khatib shall conclude his visit at the PRCS branch in Deir el Balah.

Moreover, PRCS Executive Office shall hold extensive meetings with Dr. Al Khatib in order to discuss several key issues, mainly concerning the rules and regulations which govern PRCS with a view to developing and improving its health and humanitarian services provided to Palestinians in Gaza.


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