ACAPS Thematic Report: Palestine - Impact of demolition policies in the West Bank, 01 October 2021



Restrictions on Palestinian access to land and resources – enforced through a complex system of administrative, bureaucratic, and physical constraints – contribute to the stagnation of economic and social development for Palestinians living in the West Bank, especially in Israeli-controlled Area C (OCHA 01/12/2020). The crisis is directly linked to the occupation and expansion of Israeli control in areas across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Hebron H2. Palestinians in those areas continue to be marginalised through Israeli policies and practices (such as demolitions , confiscations, evictions , and erosion of livelihood opportunities) that create a coercive environment, triggering forcible transfer and displacement. Demolition orders affect not only residential structures but also structures related to income generation and the provision of essential services for Palestinian communities, including those provided by INGOs and local NGOs. Palestinians displaced as a result of demolitions or evictions require various forms of assistance – not only immediate but also short to midterm and long-term since the practice of demolitions has prevented any consistent development in the area. For example, displaced populations would require emergency shelter and NFI assistance following a housing demolition, as well as longer-term support to maintain their livelihoods and ensure access to basic services and protection.

About this report

This report investigates the sectoral impact of demolitions on Palestinians living in the West Bank, focussing on Area C (including East Jerusalem and Hebron H2). The analysis identifies common characteristics of vulnerability present in the West Bank, aiming to highlight how demolitions further affect access to essential services and the availability of covping mechanisms. The report is based on secondary data and key informant interviews (KIIs) with humanitarian actors with presence in Palestine.