Aboul Gheit from Washington: Consultations on establishing a new mechanism to regulate the transfer of aid to the Palestinian people

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Source: Press Office - Minister's Cabinet

In a comment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, from Washington on the return of the foreign activists to Egypt after their participation in the so-called convoy Lifeline, which has seen a lot of provocation from their part to try to impose their will on Egypt, Mr. Aboul Gheit said that Egypt would not allow the repetition such ridiculousness that accompanied the entry of the convoy's members to the Egyptian territories and the aggression and criminal acts, by some of them, including the damages to the port of El Arish.

The Foreign Minister said that Egypt will not allow this type of convoys again, whatever their source or those responsible for it because of the orientation of some of those who want to offend Egypt by doubting its continuing effort to support the Palestinian people and their issue, and questioning the Egyptian stances and efforts, as well as questioning the permanent Egyptian commitment towards the Palestinian people.

The Minister said that the relevant Egyptian authorities will establish a new mechanism whereby those who wish to send aid to the Palestinian people will hand it over to the Egyptian Red Crescent and the Egyptian authorities at the port of El-Arish; the authorities shall undertake all the necessary measures to hand them over to the Palestinian Red Crescent in the Gaza Strip.

The Minister pointed out in conclusion that Egypt hold fast to its positions towards the just cause of the Palestinian people; which some wish to reduce, either due to ignorance or bad intention, to the issue of the Gaza and Rafah border crossings. Particularly since they lost it in internal divisions and discord, pointing out that Egypt will continue its work to achieve a comprehensive solution for the Palestinian cause, whatever the challenges, difficulties or the adverse media campaigns.