18 Palestinians killed and over 269 injured in three days

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The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) has further escalated its aggression on the Gaza Strip for the third day. Israeli warplanes targeted government offices in densely populated areas; including the civilian affairs department of Ministry of Interior, which is located near an UNRWA school in Tel Al Hawa neighborhood. Israeli jets also targeted locations adjacent to residential houses and mosques, destroying or damaging houses and killing or injuring civilian residents. An attack near the house of Jamal Naser caused serious damages to the house, in killed two children, and injuring 6 of the family members, among whom were 2 children. Another 20 people; including 13 women and children, were also injured in this attack. IOF intense airstrikes between 22:00 yesterday and 04:00 this morning spread panic among civilians in Gaza. A young man died from a heart attack following strikes near his house.

The number of casualties and injuries continues on the rise, especially among civilians, including women and children. According to Al Mezan’s monitoring, 269 people have been injured including 91 children and 79 women. Another 18 people were killed during the same period, including 6 children, a women and an elderly man Over 223 houses were damaged; 9 of whom were completely destroyed. Moreover, 11 education facilities were damaged. These buildings serve as 20 schools, as most Gaza schools work in two shifts. Another 5 mosques, two civilian institutions, and dozens of vehicles were also damaged in IOF attacks.

Killed persons in Thursday night and Friday morning are: Faris Basyouni, 8; Oday Nasser, 15; and Kmal Maqatt ; 23 (died from a heart attack following loud explosions near his residence.

Al Mezan’s field workers have reported that another two people were killed; however, confirming these casualties requires more verification in the field. They were Mohammed Sa’dallah, 4; and Ayman Abu Warda, 22.

Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights reiterates its strong condemnation of the IOF aggression on the Gaza Strip and calls on the international community to promptly intervene to halt the Israeli aggression ; especially the intentional attacks on civilian targets and those which fail to observe the relevant principles of international law; including attacks in civilian areas and extra-judicial assassinations.

Al Mezan also calls on convening an urgent session of the Human Rights Council to consider the increasing grave breaches and gross violations of human rights committed by the IOF, especially the continuing disregard to the basic principles of IHL and obligations under IHRL.

Al Mezan calls the international community; including international humanitarian organizations, to ensure that the IOF, who had announced a full closure of Gaza’s sole crossing through which trade and humanitarian aid can be supplied, abides by the obligation to allow and facilitate the effective entry of basic needs into the Gaza Strip; including food, fuel, and other materials needed for the water and sanitation systems. International law and human rights must be respected at all times.