10 huge educational projects of Qatar Charity in Gaza

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Hundreds of thousands of students at the primary, secondary and university levels benefited from various educational projects implemented by Qatar Charity (QC) in the Gaza Strip during the period 2009-2017, at a total cost of $14.5mn.

The value and quality of the projects completed over the last 8 years reflect QC’s keenness to attach a great attention and give priority to education, as it is one of the basic pillars of the sustainable development of societies, especially in poverty and unemployment-stricken areas of Gaza.

Educational projects carried out under the direct supervision of QC’s office in Gaza include building new schools, expanding existing schools, maintaining and repairing damaged schools, providing them with scientific laboratories and solar energy, expanding the buildings of universities and rehabilitating their facilities.

Rehabilitation of Schools

During the period 2009-2010, a project was implemented to rehabilitate schools and provide them with sanitation facilities and teaching tools. The project included the maintenance of 6 damaged schools, the construction of new sanitation facilities for 5 schools, the maintenance of sanitation facilities for 14 schools, the removal of rubble from 11 schools, and the provision of equipment and devices for educational facilities. The project, implemented at a cost of $1mn and benefited 33,189 students.

In 2011, another project was implemented to rehabilitate and maintain schools, benefiting 18 primary and secondary schools in various areas of the Gaza Strip in order to create a better educational environment. The project worth over half a million dollars benefited more than 17,500 students.

In the same year 2011, two new schools were built, and existing schools were expanded by adding 139 classrooms and wings in 11 schools. The cost of this project amounted to $3.5mn and benefited 9,000 students.

Training Centers

During the period 2011-2012, two specific projects were carried out, which included the provision of the necessary equipment and tools to scientific laboratories at the faculties of science and engineering, and the establishment of 3 training centers for teachers.

The first project covered 5 departments of the faculties of science at the Islamic University and several departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at Al-Azhar University in Gaza for the benefit of 10,000 students.

The second project covered the establishment and furnishing of 3 training centers for teachers of the Ministry of Education. Each center spreads over an area of 900 square meters. Both projects were implemented at cost of $2.5mn for the benefit of 12,000 students.

University Buildings

During the period 2012-2013, a project for the facilities and services of Al-Quds Open University was completed at a cost of $1.3mn approximately. The project involved the construction of the third floor for the university building in North Gaza on an area of 900 square meters. The project also included building two floors covering a space of 2,400 square meters, which include classrooms, resources and facilities in the Rafah Educational Zone.

During the period 2013-2015, the Ghazi Al-Shawa School in Beit Hanoun has been rehabilitated, adding educational facilities and providing computers, devices and office equipment. The project included the construction of 9 classrooms, the finishing of 15 buildings of scientific laboratories, computer labs, library, etc., and the tiling of squares and walls, at a cost of $600,000.

Building Schools

During the 2013-2017, Qatar Charity worked on rehabilitating the scientific laboratories of 60 public schools and providing them with equipment and office supplies. The project was valued at $1.5mn. In the same period, the classrooms of Al-Aqsa University were rehabilitated, which included the construction and finishing of 34 classrooms, and other necessary works, at a value of $ 1.5mn. A solar power supply project was also implemented for 14 government schools and 4 UNRWA schools, at a total cost of $1.5mn.

One of the most recent educational projects completed by Qatar Charity in Gaza is Kamal Al-Ahoud Primary School (August 2017). The school was built on an area of 575 square meters and it includes 11 classrooms, scientific laboratories, computer labs, a stadium, and many more things. This project was implemented at a cost of more than $600,000.

Humanitarian Indicators

According to international statistics, there is still a need to implement more education projects in the Gaza Strip, as around 400 schools there operate on a double-shift basis daily and there 50 students in each classroom of many government and UNRWA schools.