Northern Mariana Islands (The United States of America)

PacNET Status Report: Post Yutu (October 26, 2018)


A category 5 typhoon, Typhoon 31W Yutu, made landfall in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) in the early morning of October 24, 2018. Major damage to homes and infrastructure has been sustained on the islands of Saipan and Tinian. The hospital and emergency room (ER) maintained operations throughout Super Typhoon Yutu.

Emergency response operations utilizing local CNMI and US Federal resources have been implemented. As of the afternoon of October 26th, the Hospital and Emergency Room on Saipan are fully operational. The facilities of the hospital and dialysis center of CHCC sustained minor structural damage and minor water damage. Despite public utilities loss, the CHCC is operating on back-up generators and water reservoir. The hospital and emergency room (ER) maintained operations throughout Super Typhoon Yutu. A supplemental backup generator has been requested from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in addition to the backup generator currently on standby at the CHCC for added safety.

Both dialysis centers on Saipan have resumed operations, and some Saipan outpatient and mental health services are available as of October 26th.

The Tinian Health Center (THC), the only health care provider on the island of Tinian, sustained heavier damages but has returned to normal operations.

As of October 26th, one storm-related death has been recorded.

Public Health services are conducting health assessments today, October 26th, in villages on both Saipan and Tinian. Public health operations including hand hygiene and food safety risk communications are being implemented together with evacuation shelter assessments and surveillance. Planning for medical outreach to villages is currently underway.

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation thanks all of those in the Pacific region who have offered assistance. We will reach out to regional partners as needed.