Yobe State Cholera Outbreak Situation Report No. 45: 3 November 2018

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  • 7 new cases were reported on 3rd November 2018 from 2 LGA (Gulani and Damaturu)

  • 7 additional samples were collected and tested using RDT. All the 07 samples were positive

  • 0 death was reported.

Epidemiological Summary:

The total number of suspected cholera cases reported in Yobe state is 1,741 with 61 associated deaths (CFR 3.50%). In the state, up to 567 cases have been reported in Gulani LGA, 485 cases in Gujba LGA and 441 cases in Damaturu LGA. In Fune LGA, 181 cases were reported and 67 cases were reported in Potiskum LGA.

Out of 94 samples collected and tested using cholera RDTs, 79 (84.0%) were positive and 15 (16%) were negative. Again, 9 (47%) out of 19 samples cultured were positive for Vibrio Cholerae. However, the 9 positive samples were taken to national reference laboratory for quality checks and further analysis samples and Vibrio Cholerae O1 (Inaba) serotype was isolated in 4 out of the 9 samples.

7 new suspected cholera cases reported in Yobe state on 3 rd November 2018, showing a 71% increase in the number of cases reported compared to that of the previous day (Fig. 2). Only 1 case was reported from Gulani (Fig 4) and 6 suspected cases were reported from Damaturu (Fig 10). No case was reported from Gujba (Fig 6). Also no case was reported from Fune (Fig 8) in 13 days while Potiskum has not reported any case in 5 weeks (Fig. 12).