Yellow Fever Outbreak in Nigeria: NCDC Situation Report #36 (15 - 21 October 2018)

Situation Report
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In this reporting week 15th October – 21th October, 2018:

o There were 18 suspected cases reported o No in-country presumptive positive

o Institut Pasteur (IP) Dakar reported 9 confirmed cases from [Anambra 1 (Awka North LGA), Benue 1 (Vandeikya LGA), FCT 3 (Abaji Area Council), Kogi 2 (Kabba/Bunu, Mopuromala), Zamfara 1 (Maru LGA), Nasarawa 1 (Toto LGA)] o Multi-agency Yellow fever Emergency meeting

o A three year (2019-2021) Yellow fever (YF) Preventive Mass Vaccination Campaign (PMVC) proposal plan developed


  • A yellow fever outbreak is currently active in Nigeria. Confirmed cases have been recorded in fourteen States (Kwara, Kogi, Kano, Zamfara, Kebbi, Nasarawa, Niger, Katsina, Edo, Ekiti, Rivers Anambra, FCT, and Benue States): in 27 Local Government areas (LGAs) [Table 1]

  • Since the beginning of the outbreak, 155 samples (presumptive positive -133 and inconclusive -22) in 77 LGAs have been sent to IP Dakar for re-confirmation [Figure 1]

  • Since the beginning of the outbreak, all Nigerian states have reported suspected cases in 570 (73.6%) LGAs [Figure 5]

  • From the onset of this outbreak in September 12, 2017, a total of 3,258 suspected yellow fever cases have been reported as at week 42 [15th October – 21th October, 2018: (Table 1)].

  • Of the 3,258 suspected cases, 3,003 (92.2%), had blood samples collected and sent to the Nigerian testing laboratories for confirmation [Table 2)

  • Of the 3,003 samples collected, 133 (4.4%) tested positive for yellow fever (presumptive positive cases) and 22 (0.7%) inconclusive results in six Nigerian laboratories (Table 1)

  • Of the 155 (presumptive positive and inconclusive) samples in Nigeria, 56 (36.1%) samples have been confirmed positive by IP, Dakar. 87 (56.1%) samples were negative. Awaiting results of 12 samples from IP Dakar [Table 1].

  • Of all suspected, probable and confirmed cases, 54 deaths have been recorded while 11 deaths have been recorded among confirmed cases only. The case fatality ratio (CFR) for all cases (suspected, probable and confirmed) is 1.7%, and 23.2% for confirmed cases.[Table 1]

  • Predominant age groups affected among the suspected cases is 20 years and below (children and younger adults) accounting for 2038 (62.6%) [Male 1,245 (38.2%): Female 793 (24.3%)],
    However, age groups 1 - 5 years have the highest peak [Figure 6] o Median age is 15 years (range 1 – 92 years) o Male to female ratio is 1.4 to 1 [Male 1,887 (57.9%), Female 1,370 (42.1%)] o Among the confirmed cases, male to female ratio is 1.9:1 (male 66.1%, female 33.9%)

  • Yellow fever preventive mass vaccination campaigns (PMVC) have been successfully completed in six states o Nasarawa, Cross River, Akwa Ibom; Kogi, Kwara and Zamfara and in fifty-eight political wards in 25 LGAs in Borno State o 2018 phase 2b November PMVC to be implemented from 22nd November – 1 st December, 2018 in Sokoto, Kebbi, Niger, FCT, Plateau and Borno [3 LGAs (Askira/Uba, Chibok, Konduga)] States Target population 9 months to 44 years, (85% of the total population).