WFP Nigeria Situation Report #70, March 2022


In Numbers

8.4 million people in need (Humanitarian Response Plan 2022)

6 states affected (Borno, Adamawa and Yobe in the northeast, and Katsina, Sokoto and Zamfara in the northwest)

3.14 million people internally displaced (UNHCR, December 2021)

14.5 million food-insecure currently requiring humanitarian assistance, including 3.1 million in the northeast (IPC Phase 3-4 - Cadre Harmonisé, March 2022)

Situation Update

In consideration of growing needs and a more favourable outlook for donor contributions, WFP is gradually increasing the number of vulnerable people planned to receive food assistance. WFP plans to increase food assistance from 714,000 people in May to 1.2 million by September. This increase will be followed by a scale down in October as the lean season subsides and the harvest season begins, with Nigeria-grown food becoming more readily available in local markets. WFP projections for April to June indicate good food availability across Nigeria.
Despite global food price increases associated with the war in Ukraine, WFP has enough food and cash to sustain lifesaving food assistance over the short term. However,
WFP net funding requirements of USD 192.8 million from April to September 2022 call for accelerated contributions.