Technical guidance document for Non-Food Items (NFI) in North East Nigeria - Addendum to the Standard Operating Procedures and revised Non Food Items Kits

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1. Objectives
2. Background
3. Scope
4. Nonfood items (NFI) specifications
5. NFI items in Response Plans
6. Sector Indicators to be Captured in a PDM

1. Objectives

This document is a working document to guide the process of identifying needs of affected population in Northeast Nigeria and analysing the humanitarian situation in relation to NFI interventions. It enhances peer review of OSM and Post-Distribution Monitoring (PDMs) and infuses learning for guidance note development. In addition, its objective is to document the review of Non Food Items (NFI) kits and type of NFI response, taking into consideration the activation of the Rapid Response Mechanisms (RRM), distribution of NFI specific packages for loose items (i.e. bedding kit, etc), distribution of in kind shelter specific basic NFIs and the distribution of in-kind improved packages. Furthermore, this document will enhance the revision and standardization of Post-distribution Monitoring indicators and reports.

2. Background

In light of the multiple active humanitarian agencies in NFI interventions in the north east Nigerian response, enhanced coordination is vital for a more efficient and effective intervention. Several documents and methods have been developed by the sector for a more coordinated response that include, the sector SOPs and the coordination mechanism and the RRM activation mechanism and more. This document adds to the mentioned lists of tools and mechanisms, so that partners can direct their NFI response in a more guided manner, hence ensuring the do no harm principle in humanitarian responses, and ensuring an equal and fair provision of household items that are contextually applicable to the emergency situation.

3. Scope:

More specifically, this document is a step further of sections 3 & 6 in the sector SOPs, i.e. items for distribution and post distribution monitoring. This implies that every other section of the sector SOP for NFI remains valid. In addition, the technical guidance is a working document in which periodic adjustments need to be taken into consideration, specifically after PDM and field reports are shared. This document is a reflection on what is being agreed on between NFI partners at the sector level and should be available to all agencies working in the NFI response in north east Nigeria.