Stock Taking on the Returns/Relocations and Camp Closure in Borno State Nigeria - Discussion Paper / July 2021

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The Borno State Government resumed the closure of several IDP camps and facilitated relocations and returns of IDPs during May to July 2021 despite the previous calls by the Protection Sector to suspend returns/relocation and camp closures.1 The Protection Sector is concerned about the needs and protection risks of the relocated/returned IDPs. This note/discussion paper seeks to provide an opportunity for Protection sector, humanitarian, and development partners to take stock of the current state of the returns/relocations and camp closure in Borno State. Given the current prevailing situation, there is need to Engage, Influence and Change the status quo of the collective advocacy strategy on the issue by humanitarian and development partners.

The Solution Doctrine

The Protection Sector recognizes the 3 equally valid “durable solutions options”: Voluntary Returns, Relocation and Local Integration. As these options are NOT solutions by themselves the goal for all displacement-affected communities (DACs), is sustainable (re)integration.

The Protection Sector calls upon the Humanitarian Community (CSOs, L/NGOs, INGOs, UN agencies) and Development actors to support this initiative and align our interventions to provide much needed humanitarian assistance, mitigate arising protection needs of the affected IDPs and advance durable solutions prospects for them and the host communities in the targeted locations. The Sector proposes the following actions/recommendations to progress sustainable (re)integration:

  1. The need for continuous protection assistance by all actors including the Borno State Government, the Humanitarian, and the Development actors, to displacement-affected communities (IDPs and host community) with specific focus on their needs and displacementrelated vulnerabilities in both the areas of relocation/returns and during the return process.

  2. A road map to facilitate safe, dignified, and sustainable returns/relocations to be developed by the Humanitarian Community with leadership by the HCT/OHCT to support the Borno State Government in strengthening the structures (response may include response action, remedial and environment building) and re-establishing administrative and security structures in the areas of return.

  3. Strengthening of the Post-return Monitoring, Protection Mainstreaming & Training within the Return program by the Protection Sector, and protection concerns regularly documented and referred to the relevant partner agencies.