Report on Small Arms, Mass Atrocities & Migration in Nigeria (April 2020)

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The thrust of this report is a survey of the movement of small arms and the relationship of this movement with mass atrocities and migration within Nigeria. These are interconnected concepts as the proliferation of small arms drives mass atrocities which triggers the movement of people within Nigeria.

The report is divided into three sections, the first section/chapter deals with Southern Nigeria, focusing on the small arms proliferation and mass atrocities in that region. The second section/chapter addresses the same topic for Northern Nigeria, while the final section presents a general overview of migration within Nigeria with a focus on internal displacement.


The first two sections were put together based on secondary sources of data such as newspapers, research papers, reports, etc. The focus here was not an exhaustive review of all available literature, but providing enough information and analysis to present a relevant picture of the topics under discussion.
Some of the major research questions are:

• What proportion of locally manufactured weapons are in use?

• What proportion of imported weapons are in use?

• What are the major points of entry for imported weapons?

• Who are the main suppliers and buyers of these arms, and what are the price ranges?

• What are the major internal hubs, such as storage locations, transhipment points, distribution methods/channels?

The final section of the report was based on qualitative field research to ascertain the public perceptions on proliferation of small arms and light weapons, mass atrocities and refugees in Nigeria. This survey was conducted across the federating states of Nigeria including the FCT.