Protection Sector Northeast Nigeria: Annual Report 2021


The crisis in northeast Nigeria is now in its 12th year and the humanitarian situation remains severe. 2021 was characterized by persistent attacks from NSAGs, with almost daily reports of attacks against both civilian and military targets, illegal vehicle checkpoints, looting and pillage, leading to multiple displacements, killings, and abductions of civilians as well as the destruction of property.

The absence of civil authorities including courts in the LGAs outside the capital cities of the BAY states limited IDPs access to justice for human rights violations committed against them. Attacks on humanitarian convoys, the humanitarian hubs in Ngala (January), Dikwa (March), and Damasak (April) led to a withdrawal of humanitarian organizations from these locations, and strategic attacks against the main supply routes of Maiduguri-Gubio, Maiduguri-Mafa and Monguno-Ngala in the northern axis of Borno state led to a shortage of vital humanitarian assistance such as food, cash and medicine in locations outside the state capital Maiduguri, leaving the affected population increasingly vulnerable to exploitation and further protection risks.

In 2021 the Protection Sector targeted 2.5 million people in 61 LGAs across the BAY states. Based on monitoring and vulnerability screening, the Sector's interventions aimed at mitigating harm caused by violence, exploitation or serious neglect. This included psychosocial support, legal counselling, in-kind and cash assistance, case management and referral services.

The Sector also sought to prevent and reduce the risk of violence and abuse, and to counter negative coping mechanisms. These actions involved raising awareness of explosive hazards, improving access to civil documentation and basic services and sustainable durable solutions.