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Plan International COVID-19 emergency response: West and Central Africa overview (May 29, 2020)

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Dear friend,

After two full months into the response to the Covid-19 crisis, we are happy to share with you another edition of Plan International's response across West and Central Africa.

Women and girls continue to bear the brunt of violence and increased care work, and are placed at greater risk of infection. The scale of long-term consequences has not been given due consideration but there are indications and predictions of increased sexual abuse and early pregnancies in some communities due to the protracted period of movement restrictions, school closures, stress, and confinement.

Moreover, there is a lack of documentation on how girls already affected by crisis, particularly refugees and IDPs are differently impacted by the ongoing pandemic and response of COVID-19, especially recognizing these populations typically have less access to critical information and services.

We have continued to double our efforts towards providing assistance in the areas of child protection, education, health, WaSH, and economic empowerment. Scan through to know more about our response.