Northeast Nigeria - Reception Centre Management Report, August 2021


Congestion in Reception Centres (RCs) continue to pose great challenges in every aspect of standardizing camp management in camps in the northeast, decongestion of highly congest RCs in the BAY states remains a key priority and will continue to be emphasized. However, with access, land availability and HLP issues continue to hinder the RC exist plan as per standard of 72 hours. Thereby, becoming a great constraint to the humanitarian response at the RCs.

With some success achieved in Pulka and pilot of transitional shelter solution already on going, negotiation for land and camp expansion is ongoing with difficulty in some locations due to insecurity. Dikwa, Custom House (Jere LGA) and Konduga RC are empty as at the reporting period.

Further concerns were raised regarding the Food Sector, Secondary Health Services, Nutrition screen upscaling, and livelihood as indicated the response and gaps sections of this report.